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What time is it?




TimeCalculator ®

The TimeCalculator provides high priced features at a LOW PRICE!

  • Tracks time and attendance hours by the day, week, or any payroll period.

  • Calculates hours worked - both regular and overtime according to your own company policies.

  • Applies rounding rules. IN/OUT revision zones control early arrivals and late departures.

  • Employees punch IN and OUT by entering in their personal, 3-digit ID # or by swiping their optional badge.

  • Applies manual or automatic deductions, according to your individual department work rule

  • Supports 31 departments within the system. Each employee may work in as many as nine different departments with a different pay rate for each department.

  • Allows department transfers during shifts.

  • Logs job numbers or piece counts, tracks tips, lists totals for each employee plus grand totals.

  • Full page reports available (Time Card, Employee, Department ...).

  • New pay periods are started automatically - you need not be present.

  • Standard model includes Lithium battery back-up that protects against power outages for years.

  • Automatic compenstion for long months, short months, leap years, even daylight savings time changes.

  • Selectable 12/24 hour format for all applications.

  • Simple for employees and management to use.

  • Installs in minutes.

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    TimeSource® Software Features
  Full Lite
Selectable Pay Periods:
  - weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly, monthly, or custom
Automatic Lunch Deduct:
  - each department may have its own automatic lunch rules
Overtime 1:
  - apply OT1 by day and/or week, user definable multiplier
X 1.5x
Overtime 2:
  - apply OT2 by day and/or week, user definable multiplier
Custom Overtime:
  - apply OT1 and OT2 rates for special applications by:
  • Date - generally used for holidays worked, etc.
  • Day of Week - for special pay by day of week 
  • Time Range - define specific time periods to apply overtime pay rates
Differential Pay:
  - increase an employees hourly rate of pay according to department rules
   and by the factors: % or adder, by:
  • Date - generally used for holidays worked, etc.
  • Day of Week - for special pay by day of week 
  • Time Range - define specific time periods to apply overtime pay rates
Time Rounding:
  - select 10th hour or quarter hour punch rounding, or calculate to the exact minute
In-Out Zones:
  - revision zones --use to control unauthorized overtime
Security Passwords:
  - apply password protection to individual screens
Job #'s / Tips / Piece Counts:
  - user definable data entry field for custom applications
Custom Sort Fields:
  - three user definable fields for custom report generation



  - user definable, (Vacation, Sick, etc.) automatically accrues three types
   of non worked hours each pay period
  - user definable, 99 system wide, 18 per employee
Individual Add Hours:
  - apply paid worked or non worked hours to individuals
Global Add Hours:
  - apply paid worked or non worked hours to everyone or select
   a group or class of employees
Custom Reports:
  - save report names and formats to use over and over
Preview Reports:
  - view reports on screen without printing
Archive Data:
  - archive, retrieve, and restore or review employee records
Payroll Exports:
  - ADP, Paychex, QuickBooks Pro, and others
ASCII Exports:
  - export data to other programs
X Optional
Excel Exports:
  - export data using Excel file formats
X Optional
Job Costing Module:
  - track jobs, report labor and material costs
Optional Optional
Scheduling / Lock-Out Module:
  - track tardies, absences, and attendance. Limits punching to authorized times
Optional Optional

Downloadable Brochure - PDF Format
Adobe Acrobat Reader 4 needed to view file


Available Payroll Exports
Exports included with TimeSource Lite and Full: 
ADP Payroll Service 
PAYCHEX Payroll Services 
QuickBooks Pro (or Premium) Software

Exports included with Time Source Full:
ABRA Intermediate Export 
ADP Payroll Services 
Business Works Software 
Ceridian Payroll Services 
Ceridian Source 500 
Certiflex Dimensions
CheckMark Payroll For Windows 
Compupay Payroll Services 
CSS-Horizon Payroll Export 
FTC_A Payroll interface
Healthtech Payroll interface
MDI Payroll Software
McCormick MAS90 Intermediate 
Millennium Payroll 
PCAccess (Wells Fargo)
PAYCHEX Payroll Services 
PayMaster Payroll Services 
Payroll Associates PCPAY 
Payroll Companion 
Pensoft II PC Payroll 
Pensoft PC Payroll 
PrimePay Payroll Service 
QuickBooks Pro (or Premium)
RapidPay Export (Time0002)

System Requirements
IBM compatible PC running Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP OS
Pentium 133 or higher
32 Megs of RAM
100 Megs of available Hard Drive space
CD ROM drive
Available serial port
Ability to print - local or network printer must be installed

1 may be purchased separately


TimeSource Add-ons

Each of these modules can be added to the base Time Source Time and Attendance software

  Scheduling and Lock-out



  Job Costing
  Access Control
  Bell Ringing and Signal Control
  Custom Rounding
  Custom Hours
  Ethernet/TCP Connectivity