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Infotronics Attendance Professional for Windows is a comprehensive, integrated time and attendance system for companies ranging from 10 to 10,000 employees. Attendance Professional has:

Features You Need and Ease-of-Use You Want

Attendance Professional for Windows automates the difficult pay rules and complex attendance policies of a large company. It automatically calculates payroll, including overtime, premium, transfer, and special shift pay. It helps you manage employees by identifying poor attendance habits before they become chronic problems. It lets you schedule employees easily. It tracks actual and scheduled labor expenditures.

Overtime and special pay automatically calculated to your rules
Lunches, regular breaks, and smoking breaks adjusted automatically based on your criteria
Export to various payroll systems
Instant calculation of dollars and hours for time card edits
Flexible scheduling with accurate labor cost forecasting
Year-to-date attendance data
Easy data transfer between Windows applications
Different pay periods for different groups of employees

List of payroll companies we interface with

Flexible Software that Supports the Way You Do Business

You don't have to remodel your workforce just to fit the software. Whether you have a flat reporting structure or a multi-level organization (up to three-tiered workgroups), Attendance Professional adapts to the way you do business. It distributes employee time and labor expenses across appropriate workgroups. You can easily transfer employees using any workgroup level. You can also make time card edits and schedule employees by workgroup or by individual employee.

Attendance Professional's scheduling is flexible, too. You can schedule individual employees or workgroups by the day, week, or month. You can also create ongoing, repeating schedules. Select predefined shifts with a click of the mouse or type times in the schedule spreadsheet.

In addition, you can use a schedule budget. Attendance Professional tracks the hours and dollars you schedule against your workgroup budget limits. Attendance Professional for Windows lets you schedule employees the way you want to.

Reports that Help You Manage Expenses and Employees

Attendance Professional for Windows collects, stores, and integrates a wealth of information. Starting with employee schedules and punch times, it computes financial data and synthesizes employee attendance information. Choose from the 35 standard reports or create your own custom reports. Make informed decisions based on factual data. You can create attractive reports by selecting fonts, point sizes, and shading attributes. Display reports on the screen, print them to any printer on the network, or save them to an RTF / PDF file for use with other applications. Some of the reports include:

Time Card
Period Totals
On Premise
Approaching Overtime
Pay Designation Summary
Schedule Coverage
Requested Benefits
Year-to-Date History

Extensive System Security and Comprehensive Time Card Archive


Report Samples For You to View

............................. Down load

Introduction to Our Reports


Actual vs Scheduled Hrs/Dollars

Actual Vs Scheduled

Approaching Overtime

Badge/Pin Usage

Daily Pay Designation

Daily Worked Hours

Employee List - Comprehensive

Employee List - Simple


Exception History

Gross Payroll Dollars (reports with dollars need to have proper password to view)

Arrived Early

Left Late

Missing Punch

On Premise

Pay Designation History

Period Totals

Rate Transfer

Requested Benefits

Schedule Coverage


Supervisor Edits


Time Card

Wage History

Year to Date History



You have complete control over the system functions and employee information accessible to each user. Detailed and comprehensive privileges limit user activities. You can, for example, prohibit access to wage and dollar information. You can allow supervisors to see only their employees. You can allow payroll clerks to view and export pay period information, but not change it. And everyone has to enter a password to use Attendance Professional for Windows.

Attendance Professional for Windows does more than prevent unauthorized access to data. It maintains historical data for instant and accurate reference. Attendance Professional for Windows archives employee time cards electronically, letting you respond to wage and hour inquiries quickly with irrefutable records.


Database capacity
10 to 10,000 employees

Simultaneous network access
250 users

Peer-to-peer, Novell and Windows family or servers

Data format
Btrieve database with error recovery, ODBC accessible

Archive storage
Maintained online for user-defined number of years

PC Configuration - minimum
Supervisor Workstation - Pentium 350 Mhz, 128 MB RAM

Payroll Manager Workstation - Pentium 350 MHz, 256 MB RAM

Hard disk space
15 MB program storage, 10 MB for 500 employees, 30 MB for 1000 employees, 50 MB for 5000 employees, 600K per employee per year for archives

Other PC Hardware
Parallel port, Serial port for time recorder connection, VGA monitor

Operating systems
Microsoft Windows 9X, Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows 2000

Serving Ohio, Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Wooster, Mansfield, New Philadelphia, Youngstown, Niles, Warren, Ashtabula, Sandusky and Toledo since 1976.