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  Supported Payroll Systems

The following is an alphabetic listing of supported payrolls and their vendors.


A Payroll Name-Vendor Name

Abra Payroll for Windows-Abra Software, Inc. (formerly Envoy Pay)

ABRAPAY-Abra Software, Inc.

ACA PC Pay-Accounting Corp. of America

Access Data-Access Data

ACCPAC Plus-Computer Associates


Achieve Healthcare Information-Achieve Healthcare Information Systems


ADP PC Payroll-Automatic Data Processing

ADP PC/Payroll for Windows-Automatic Data Processing

ADP HR Partner-Automatic Data Processing

ADP IPP-Automatic Data Processing

ADP EasyPay-Automatic Data Processing

ADP CSS HRizon-Automatic Data Processing

ADP Softpay-Automatic Data Processing

ADP Surepay-Automatic Data Processing

Advanced Information Management (AIM)-Advanced Information Management



American Healthtech LTC-American Healthtech

AmeriPay-American Healthtech

B Payroll Name-Vendor Name

BPCS-System Software Associates

BusinessWorks Accounting for Windows-State of the Art

C Payroll Name-Vendor Name

CA Classic-Computer Associates

Camillus Payroll-GTE Data Services

Carapay-Cara Data Processing LTD

CBS-Continental Business Service

Centre-file-Centre-file LTD

Ceridian Encore-Ceridian

Ceridian Ensemble-Ceridian

Ceridian Premier-Ceridian

Ceridian Source 100 (Integrated HR/Payroll)-Ceridian

Ceridian Source 500-Ceridian

Chouinard & Myhre-Chouinard & Myhre


CIMS III-National Computer Systems

Classic/Open-Computer Associates

Compudata Health-Compudata Health Corp.

CompuPay-Roth Data Systems


CSC Paymaster-CSC Paymaster

D Payroll Name-Vendor Name

Dac Easy Payroll-Dac Easy Software Inc.

Dairyland Software-Dairyland Software

Data Pro Accounting Infinity Series-Data Pro Accounting Software

Deltek Systems-Deltek Systems, Inc.

DMS Payroll-Diamond Management Systems

Doeren Mayhew & Co.-Doeren Mayhew

Dynamics Payroll-Great Plains Software

E Payroll Name-Vendor Name

ECS (same as MCIS)-Chemical Bank


eEnterprise-Great Plains Software

Elan PC Pay-Elan Payroll Services

ELITE/PC-Dataccount Corp.

F Payroll Name-Vendor Name

Famous-Holm-Dietz Computer Sys.

First Data HSG/HFC-First Data

FMS Payroll-Financial Management Systems

FundWare Payroll/Personnel-American FundWare

G Payroll Name-Vendor Name

Geac E Series (Expert) -Geac Computer Corporation, Ltd.

Geac M Series (Millennium) -Geac Computer Corporation, Ltd.

Geac TotalHR-Geac Computer Corporation, Ltd.

Geac VisionShift HR-Geac Computer Corporation, Ltd.

Geac VisionShift-Geac Computer Corporation, Ltd.

Geac SmartStream-Geac Computer Corporation, Ltd.

GENECARE-Achieve Healthcare Infor-mation Systems

Generic Output (a.k.a. Standard Output)

Genesys Payroll-Genesys

Geneva-Software Plus

Great Plains Payroll-Great Plains Software

H Payroll Name-Vendor Name


HBO Series 2000-HBO & Company

HBO Series 3000-HBO & Company

HBO Series 4000-HBO & Company

HBO STAR Financial Payroll System-HBO & Company

HMS Payroll-Dairyland Computer & Consulting Co.

HR PC Pay-Royal Bank of Canada

I Payroll Name-Vendor Name

Images (Canadian)-Royal Bank of Canada

Infininium Advantage Payroll-Infinium Software

Infinium Premium Payroll-Infinium Software

InstaPay Payroll-EBS Data Processing

Integral ADCI Module-Integral Inc.

Integral Midrange-Integral Inc.

Integral Payroll Management System-Integral Inc.

Interlink (ISI)-Interlogic Systems Inc.

Intermed-Intermed Systems

J Payroll Name-Vendor Name

JDE Payroll-J.D. Edwards

K Payroll Name-Vendor Name

KSI Payroll-Kennedy Systems, Inc.

L Payroll Name-Vendor Name

Lawson Payroll-Lawson

Liberty Payroll-PayAmerica

LIBRA Payroll-GEAC Computer Corporation Limited

LifeCare Payroll System-Senior Living Systems

M Payroll Name-Vendor Name

M.A.S. 90/Evolution 2-Sage Software, Inc.

Macola-Macola Software, Inc.

Management Systems Payroll-Management Systems Assoc.



Medallion Payroll Plus-CPA Systems

MEDITECH OVT&A-Medical Information Technology


Melyx Payroll-Melyx

MICA IV-Micro Associates, Inc.

Micro Business Applications (MBA)-Micro Business Applications



N Payroll Name-Vendor Name

National Data Services-National Data Services, Inc.

O Payroll Name-Vendor Name

Open Systems-Open Systems

Optimum-Optimum Solutions, Inc.

Oracle PayMIX/HR-Oracle

P Payroll Name-Vendor Name

Para Research-Para Research

Paragon Back Office-Chouinard & Myhre

PAY2-American Health Care Software Enterprises, Inc.




PAYLINK CPS (Payflex)-Toronto Dominion

PAYLINK CPY-Toronto Dominion

Paylink for Windows-Paychex


PayNet-ADP Business Services

PayNet Plus-ADP Business Services

PayNet Plus for Windows-ADP Business Services

Payroll 1-Payroll 1

Payroll Management System-Integral Inc.


PCAccess-Computing Resources, Inc

PC Entry-American Payroll Service, Inc.

PC Input-AD Computer Corp.

PC Payroll-Canadian Automatic Data Processing

PC Payroll for Windows-Canadian Automatic Data Processing

PCAccess-Computing Resources, Inc.

PCPay-American Payroll

PCPay-Pay America

PCPay-The Payroll People

Peachtree Complete Accounting Payroll-Peachtree Software, Inc.

Peachtree 2000-Peachtree Software, Inc.

PeopleSoft Payroll Paysheet Update/HRMS-PeopleSoft

PeopleSoft Time & Labor/HRMS-PeopleSoft

Perfect Pay-Pay U.S.A.

Platinum Series-IBM

Precision Alternative-HBO & Company

Prestige-Dataccount Corp.



ProBusiness Desktop for Windows-ProBusiness

Professional Healthcare Systems-Professional Healthcare Systems

Q Payroll Name-Vendor Name

QED Versions I & II-ADP Business Services

R Payroll Name-Vendor Name

Rapid-Pay-Olsen Computer Systems, Inc.

ReMACS-Restaurant Management and Control Systems

Renaissance CS Payroll-Ross Systems

Renaissance Payroll-Ross Systems

Restaura Payroll-Restaura Inc.

RF White- Robert F. White

S Payroll Name-Vendor Name

Safe-Pay Connection-Safeguard Business Systems

SAINT Express-HBO & Company

SAP R/3 Time and Evaluation-SAP America

SBT Payroll-SBT Corporation

SBT Pro Series-SBT Corporation

SBT VisionPoint 2000-SBT Corporation

Scotiapay-Bank of Nova Scotia

Scotiapay Plus-Bank of Nova Scotia

Series 1-Lodgistix

SMS Unity-Shared Medical Systems

SMS Allegra-Shared Medical Systems

SMS MedSeries 4-Shared Medical Systems

Software Plus Payroll/SP-Software Plus

Solomon III Payroll-Solomon Software, Inc.

Solomon IV for Windows-Solomon Software, Inc.

Solution Series-Cyborg

Solution Series/ST-Cyborg

SOS-Salina Office Services

Standard Output (a.k.a. Generic Output)

T Payroll Name-Vendor Name

TechGAP-Tech Systems

Threshold Payroll-Threshold Data Technology

TOPPS-D P Consulting

U Payroll Name-Vendor Name

UltiPro for DOS and UltiPro HRMS/Payroll-Ultimate Software Group

UNISYS Healthcare -UNISYS Healthcare Div.

V Payroll Name-Vendor Name

VISION 400-Dairyland Software

VistaCARE-Care Computer Systems

More added weekly