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Intelligent Terminal IT 900 Time Recorders

I.T. 900

This state-of-the-art, time recorder is easy to use, easy to install and easy to service. The IT 900's compact design makes it easy to install almost anywhere. Employees punch in/out easily by entering a PIN, swiping a barcode or magnetic stripe badge, or simply by passing a proximity card near the reader.

Easily connects to PC-based time and attendance software such as Attendance for Windows, Attendance Professional for Windows or Attendance Enterprise.

RS485 communications allow you to connect multiple IT 900's to a single PC, or you can connect the IT 900 directly to your network using one of our network interface products


Quick mount design
Simple, one-cable installation
Five reader options
Pin Entry
Barcode or Magnetic Stripe
Proximity Reader Capable
Smart Card
Function Keys
40 Character Backlit Display
Stores Employees Names
Bell Ringer Capabilities
Door Access
34400 Baud Communication
Department Transfers
Supervisor Editing at Clock
Battery Backup



TCP/IP High speed Network interface


How to set Daylight Savings on This clock

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