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The HandPunch™ GT-400 is one of the most important solutions for effective workforce management. With the HandPunch you can improve record-keeping accuracy, mitigate risk, increase employee productivity and provide greater peace of mind for yourself and your employees. Coupled with a software provider, the HandPunch GT-400 delivers tangible benefits every day. In fact, when used properly the initial cost of the HandPunch GT-400 can be paid back in less than nine months.

• Increased up-time – upgrade remotely by downloading new firmware and application functionality through an Ethernet connection; there is no need to remove the device from the wall or disrupt productivity. • Improved serviceability – remote diagnostic capability allows for troubleshooting maintenance without removing the device from the wall.

• Employee self-service kiosk – programmable, ATM-style kiosk has soft keys and a large display field that allows information like lists and personal messages to be displayed.

• Real-time communication – access information in real time with push technology.

• Open architecture design – Linux-based operating system ensures programming flexibility.

• Antimicrobial protection – antimicrobial coating embedded in the platen, keypad and plastics inhibits the growth of bacteria.

How the HandPunch Works The HandPunch GT-400 uses the size and shape of each employee's hand for verification, so it's fast, easy and efficient. The user's hand can still be read even if it's dirt, wet, greasy, dusty, swollen or dry, making it an effective solution in a wide range of applications. The HandPunch also provides a host of benefits for your business.

• Reduced payroll and administration costs – because punch-in and punch-out data is read and recorded at the point of entry, translation of timecards is eliminated, along with any discrepancies between time worked and time reported.

• Eliminates time fraud – since every user's hand is unique, the HandPunch eliminates costly and fraudulent “buddy punching.”

• More productive and informed workforce – verification takes place in about one second; during that process the communication panel can display relevant messages to employees, promoting communication with management.

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