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Checking and Setting Daylight Saving values on IT clocks





First you need to get into the “Program mode” of the IT-1600. There are two ways to do this.


If you have a “System Enable” badge, simply swipe the badge to enter “Program mode” If you do not have a “System Enable” badge, you will need to do the following.


First you will need to unplug the power supply to the clock, and then re-plug the power supply. You will then type in a code on the keypad to enter “Program mode”

Type: 1-9-CLR-0-5 on the keypad (note: the clock will not beep or show any numbers on the display when you are entering the code, this is normal) To know you are in “Program mode” the display will show


“FWD/BACK/ENTER/TIME” on the display.


Note: If you enter the code incorrectly or you think you did, you will need to start from the beginning, by unplugging and re-plugging the power supply.


Once in “program mode” press the F4 key (or right arrow key) on the keypad. Where it said “TIME” on the display, it will now show “INSTALL” then press enter. (Big arrow key under the zero key, pointing to the left)

Display will show “INSTALL UNIT” press enter key again. Display will show “UNIT #” at this point press the F4 key until “DS ON” is on the display. The # listed is the code for DLS to start, either “13” or “14”.


To change value simply type in # you want.

Example: If you want to change the value from 14 to 13 just type in “1-3”.

Press F4 key one time to move to “DS OFF”

This value should be “43”* as this is the setting for at least the next two years. If it is not, simply type “4-3”*.

Press F4 key one time to move to next setting, no need to change anything else at this point.

Press F1 key (or up arrow) a few times until the date and time comes back on the display.


Refer to code list for each year to determine what your DLS setting should be. List shows codes for beginning and ending setting up to the year 2015.


* Setting numbers updated on list starting in 2007

“44” will be the ending # through 2015





Daylight Saving Settings for IT-1600 clocks


Year Start Date DS ON # End Date DS OFF#

2005 Apr. 3rd 13 Oct. 30th 43

2006 Apr. 2nd 13 Oct. 29th 43

2007 Mar. 11th 10 Nov. 4th 44

2008 Mar. 9th 10 Nov. 2nd 44

2009 Mar. 8th 10 Nov. 1st 44

2010 Mar. 14th 10 Nov. 7th 44

2011 Mar. 13th 10 Nov. 6th 44

2012 Mar. 11th 10 Nov. 4th 44

2013 Mar.10th 10 Nov. 3rd 44

2014 Mar. 9th 10 Nov. 2nd 44

2015 Mar. 8th 10 Nov. 1st 44


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