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Introduction to Our Reports


Actual vs Scheduled Hrs/Dollars

Actual Vs Scheduled

Approaching Overtime

Badge/Pin Usage

Daily Pay Designation

Daily Worked Hours

Employee List - Comprehensive

Employee List - Simple


Exception History

Gross Payroll Dollars (reports with dollars need to have proper password to view)

Arrived Early

Left Late

Missing Punch

On Premise

Pay Designation History

Period Totals

Rate Transfer

Requested Benefits

Schedule Coverage


Supervisor Edits


Time Card

Wage History

Year to Date History



You have complete control over the system functions and employee information accessible to each user. Detailed and comprehensive privileges limit user activities. You can, for example, prohibit access to wage and dollar information. You can allow supervisors to see only their employees. You can allow payroll clerks to view and export pay period information, but not change it. And everyone has to enter a password to use Attendance Professional for Windows.

Attendance Professional for Windows does more than prevent unauthorized access to data. It maintains historical data for instant and accurate reference. Attendance Professional for Windows archives employee time cards electronically, letting you respond to wage and hour inquiries quickly with irrefutable records.

Serving Ohio, Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Wooster, Mansfield, New Philadelphia, Youngstown, Niles, Warren, Ashtabula, Sandusky and Toledo since 1976.