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Attendance for Windows is a comprehensive, integrated time and attendance system for mid-sized companies ranging from 5 to 5,000 employees. Attendance for Windows automates and simplifies many important processes, including:

Employee Pay Calculation

With Attendance for Windows, traditional time cards are gone. Employees begin work by swiping their badges through a time recorder. Attendance for Windows collects these punch times and calculates employee hours and gross pay based on your payroll policies. It exports payroll data in formats used by popular payroll services and programs. It also produces reports and charts that track labor expenditures by employee and department.

Pay period hours automatically calculated
User-definable calculation rules
Problem punches highlighted
Simple procedure for time card changes
Complete audit trail of time card changes
Punch times automatically rounded
Employee Scheduling

Attendance for Windows has easy, automated scheduling features and meaningful graphic reports that make scheduling a snap. Creating daily, weekly, monthly, or ongoing employee schedules is simple -- point to a day and click on a work interval or copy schedules from day to day, employee to employee. A single glance at an easy-to-read chart verifies proper coverage for peak and non peak times, giving you a snapshot of your labor coverage for the entire shift.

Point-and-click procedure for scheduling
Predefined and user-definable shift times
Keyboard entries for non-standard shifts
Employee schedule and labor coverage reports
Actual vs. scheduled daily coverage reports
Comprehensive Reporting

Attendance for Windows reports provide key information for responding to government and employee claims, budgeting for future labor costs, and scheduling employees for optimum efficiency. Click a button and you can retrieve detailed reports for all time cards, scheduling, and exception data. You can even define reports to print automatically, when and where you need them.

Easy-to-read report formats
Easy-to-understand graphics
Reports displayed on the screen or printed
Reports created with True Type fonts
Automatic report generation and printing
Attendance Monitoring

With Attendance for Windows, up-to-the-minute information about employee punch times is always at your fingertips. Attendance for Windows identifies exceptions such as absent, tardy, arrived early, and left early. You can discuss issues as they happen, before they become chronic problems. And you have complete, impartial, irrefutable data about work habits to help you evaluate employee performance.

Extensive predefined exception criteria
User-definable exceptions
Employee year-to-date performance reports
Comprehensive exception reports
Other Features and Specifications

Report Samples For You to View: (PDF)

Absent Report

Archived Time Card Report

Daily Schedule Coverage Report

Department Summary Report

Early In Report

Employee Summary Report

Employee Report

Exceptions Report

Left Late Report

Long Lunch Report

Missing Punch Report

On Premise Report

Schedule Report

Tardy Report

Time Card Report

Year to Date Attendance Card Report

Other features include:

Instant response to new data
Recalculates totals automatically when new data is received

Import/Export facilities
Supports the transfer of data to and from most Windows programs, payroll services, and payroll programs such as ADP, Paychex, Payroll 1, and Ceridian

Employee payroll classes
Assigns employees to classes that you define to determine payroll policies

Automatic operation
Allows you to specify processes, such as printing reports, creating payroll files, and polling clocks, to execute automatically at nonpeak times

Stores all employee time card data on the PC for easy retrieval at a later date automatically

Limits access to sensitive employee data

Labor distribution
Records employee hours and dollars to the appropriate department for accurate departmental labor costing

Multi-user network version for all popular LANs available

Hardware requirements include:

IBM or compatible PC P-133 or faster
64MB RAM (or more, depending on the number of employees)
10 MB hard disk space (or more, depending on the number of employees)
Parallel port (for printing)
Serial port (for connecting to a time recorder)
Microsoft Windows 9X, Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows 2000


Serving Ohio, Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Wooster, Mansfield, New Philadelphia, Youngstown, Niles, Warren, Ashtabula, Sandusky and Toledo since 1976.