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  Lathem 4000 Series


The Lathem 4000 Series time recorders are the standard by which all other recorders are judged.

Lathem 4200 time recorders are considered as "standard" by thousands of businesses and institutions because of their low initial cost and years of proven trouble-free operation. Available with a wide variety of options, the 4000 series can be ordered to fit almost any need.

Employer Benefits

Time is an expensive raw material. The Lathem 4000 Series recorder helps you manage and control it
  • Maintains Wage/Hour Law Records -Employee stamped payroll time cards provide a permanent, accurate record of hours worked, which is verifiable evidence of compliance with strict wage/hour laws.
  • Decreases Tardiness -Employees are encouraged to report on time, take only the allotted time for lunch, and remain on the job until the end of the work period.
  • Increases Efficiency - Employee efficiency improves. Adherence to set schedules results in increased productivity.
  • No More Guessing -Provides total confidence that time is calculated on the actual time worked by your employees.

4200 Features
  • A wide selection of registrations is available to suit the needs of any business, including: day-of-week or month-and-date; standard hours (1-12) or continental hours (0-23); and minutes (00-59), tenths or hundredths.
  • Select touch plate or automatic registration. The touch plate accommodates precise alignment; the automatic trigger facilitates speed of handling.
  • The 4200 prints on the right or left margin of any form, on single or multiple-copy forms.
  • The self-reversing ribbon is durable and easy to change.
  • Installation is easy. The clock can be placed on a table or mounted on a wall.

DWA 4200 Series

The 4000 Series may be ordered as a Digital Work Alerter. Available with the same print configurations as the standard model, the DWA model provides a 10 Amp dry contact to control the sounding of bells or horns. A weekly schedule with up to 32 signals per day can be programmed using the internal keypad. Programs can be changed easily, and are protected for up to 15 days if power is interrupted.

The 4200 Series takes guesswork out of payroll and adds profit to your bottom line.

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